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Whole-Grain Fig Toast Deliciousness

Who’s ready for some fig toast, the epitomy of summer?

They are a perfect combination of soft, tart, and sweet.  And of course they make me think of summertime. Fig toast with creamy, cool greek yogurt chia seeds is a winning combination.

So many people are afraid of fruit and whole grains due to their “sugar content” – yet these are some of the most research-backed foods for health! Due to their fiber content, the glucose in whole grains and fruit is absorbed and released slowly in the bloodstream. This aids in keeping your energy levels steadier. Whole grains are researched-backed for their potential to decrease your risk of cancer, and they are known for promoting a healthy gut microbiome and keeping you regular. Don’t be afraid of the grains, especially with some delicious fig toast. 

Fruit can also supply nutritious vitamins and minerals – such as Vitamin C, crucial for supple skin and keeping a strong immune system. Don’t be afraid of these beneficial carbs! Carbs can be a part of a deliciously healthy breakfast, like this fig toast!

In addition, chia seeds give an extra punch of power (in such a tiny package!) Chia seeds are packed with fiber (key to staying full), as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids (helpful for lowering inflammation, protecting your heart from heart disease, gut health, potential protection from memory-related issues like dementia, & more).

Greek yogurt and whole grain bread also add a touch of protein to this combo – giving it more staying power so you feel satisfied. This whole grain fig toast would be great for post-workout fuel!




Check out my most popular other toast combo, the Superfood Unicorn Toast (as pretty as it is delicious).

The cold, creamy greek yogurt on this toast is really what makes it so delicious on a hot summer day. It also aids in satiety too, especially if you choose a greek yogurt with a little bit of fat! Fats are key to satiety, so a little bit can help keep you satisfied. Some favorite greek yogurt brands I like are Siggi’s (minimal ingredients, low in added sugar), Fage, and Oikos. These can easily be found at most grocery stores.

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Summery Whole Grain Fig Toast (veg)

  • Author: Caroline


A simple snack or breakfast packed with fiber, whole grains, and delicious fruity figs for topping!



1 slice whole grain toast (i.e. Ezekiel bread)

23 TBSP plain Greek Yogurt

23 medium figs, sliced for topping

small sprinkle of chia seeds

drizzle of local honey


Toast bread as desired. Spread with even layer of greek yogurt and top with sliced figs.

Sprinkle with chia seeds and drizzle honey on top. Enjoy immediately!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy figs? In a salad? On toast? By itself? Drizzled with a little raw honey?

I can’t wait until the figs on my parent’s fig tree at home are ripe – not too much longer now!

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