Caroline Green, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – Columbia SC

Registered Dietitian Columbia SC

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I’m Caroline Green, a Columbia, SC-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who wants everyone to have a healthy, easygoing relationship to food. My passion is to help individuals quit the stress and cycle of dieting and disorder to reclaim a healthy relationship to food & their bodies, all while focusing on healthy, feel-good habits for LIFE. Let’s drop out of diet culture together!

As a non-diet Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist, I specialize in virtual 1:1 nutrition counseling for clients with Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating, Yo-Yo dieting/Intuitive Eating, Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, GI Disorders such as Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, and IBS,  as well as general wellness and healthy behavior change using a non-diet approach.

I have career experience working as a clinical dietitian in an acute care hospital, counseling in private practice and group practices, long-term care, and ultimately, finding my passion and niche in Dietetics: one-on-one counseling & Intuitive Eating. I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and I truly light up when I help guide clients towards a healthier relationship with food. Seeing SO many of my clients struggle with following fad diet after fad diet, losing weight only to gain it back (& only using the scale to monitor progress) and feeling anxious around food, solidified my path as a non-diet Dietitian specializing in Disordered Eating and Intuitive Eating . We have extensive research that not only do diets not work, they are also harmful.

Check out my recipes for some delicious ideas to bring simple, healthy eats to you and your family. My recipes aim to have an emphasis on feel-good ingredients, free from any diet culture fads or rules. All eaters are welcome here! I hope from my recipes you can see that all foods can fit into a healthy eating pattern. I love eating food that makes me feel good, and you can often find me picking fresh vegetables from my garden, and also enjoying a good scoop of ice cream from our local creamery. Food is a necessity in life, so I believe it’s an important relationship to be sure we take care of!

Read more about my food philosophy here.

A few fun non-food related tid bits about me:

  • I LOVE music. Live music and music festivals are where you’ll find me feeling my most free and joyful.
  • I’m a total animal lover- My husband and I have a black lab dog named Willow, a giant maine coone cat named Clyde, and the tiniest kitten named Millie. They are the light of my life!
  • I feel most zen when I’m at home with my family, surrounded by houseplants, incense, candles, and my family.
  • I have total wanderlust and adore traveling and seeing new places. I’ve traveled to Croatia, Argentina, London, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Canada, Costa Rica, and still have Thailand, Italy, and Spain at the top of my list.
  • I love sports and anything outdoors – I am a huge snow skiier and hiker and secretly wished I lived in Colorado. I played soccer and field hockey growing up and tried every sport under the sun.


Professional Education & Licensure:

  • Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Dietetics, The University of Georgia 2014
  • Dietetic Internship Program, Georgia Southern University, 2016-2017
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with the Commission on Dietetic Registration, 2016
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer: 2017-2019
  • Licensed Dietitian, South Carolina: 1634
  • Licensed Dietitian, North Carolina: L006032
  • Licensed Dietitian, Georgia: LD005525
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, 2019
  • Certified LEAP Therapist, 2019

Professional Memberships & Training:

  • Member of EDRDPro for ongoing training and continuing education
  • Member of ASDAH, The Association for Size Diversity and Health
  • Member of Columbia Midlands Dietetic Association
  • Trained under Evelyn Tribole, co-author of Intuitive Eating
  • Trained under Marci Evans, well-known Eating Disorder Dietitian Expert


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