My Philosophy

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Do you feel like you’re constantly stressing about what to eat?

Are you always trying to lose those extra 5 lbs and hating your body?

Are you confused with all of the conflicting nutrition advice out there?

Wondering how to focus on healthy habits, without dieting and being restrictive?

You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s make nutrition fun, joyful, and simple.

As an Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Dietitian with years experience in nutrition counseling, my philosophy aims at ultimately helping you find YOUR individual path to health, happiness, and food freedom. Dieting doesn’t work and will never work, we know this from years of research. We do know that intuitive eating has over 100 research studies backing health benefits from improved relationship to food, improved body image, decreased stress & anxiety, and improved blood glucose and lipid levels. When it comes to nutrition & health, I guide you on how to make nutrition a form of self-care, rather than self-control. It’s finally time to take care of your body and learn how to make lasting, healthy habits free from any stressful, disordered diet rules.


dietitian columbia sc philosophy

Listening to others’ opinions and advice on what you should eat is exhausting! We are all born as intuitive eaters, listening to our innate wisdom in regards to what, when, and how to eat. My role is to help you tap back into that wisdom!

dietitian columbia sc philosophy

Restrictive eating isn’t healthy, no need to cut out any foods to be healthy! In fact, it’s healthier to have a varied, balanced diet. No cheat days here! We focus on having a healthy relationship to ALL foods and listening to your body, while also navigating gentle nutrition and healthy habits. Cupcakes are more enjoyable without a side of guilt.

Do you feel exhausted trying diet after diet, only to feel even more confused and defeated? Does your brain run through a list of food rules when reading a menu? Nutrition doesn’t have to take up your entire brain space. Let’s get rid of the extra “noise” and make it simple, going back to the science.

dietitian columbia sc philosophy

Have you ever been unsatisfied with your progress on the scale, only to just give up healthy behaviors in the first place? Health is so much more than the physical aspect or what the scale says. Most of my clients actually become more healthy when they give up the scale! Healthy habits and behaviors matter first and foremost and your here-and-now body deserves care and respect.

Did you know that diets fail 95% of the time? Yep! Research has shown time and time again that diets may work short-term, but never work long-term and can impact your relationship to food, your hormones, and cause weight cycling. Let’s ditch the diets together and learn a sustainable eating pattern that helps you feel best.

There are truly no “good” or “bad” foods. You won’t find any food judgement here! All foods can fit into a balanced eating pattern and foods aren’t “clean” or “dirty”. We promote a healthy relationship to all foods, while focusing on health-promoting eating that makes YOU feel best without any strict food rules.

Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder or a GI condition, I believe that full recovery IS possible. I want you to learn the tools to feel better, mentally and physically.  Let me be your cheerleader!

Nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to health. Stress, hormones, gut microbiome, mental health, genetics and sleep all play a major role as well. I look at your entire lifestyle and history to help determine the best habits to work towards to improve your overall health. Sometimes stress management and improving sleep is what may help the most!

Ready to make peace with food?