Intuitive Eating

My Top 10 Resources for Intuitive Eating

My favorite resources for living a diet-free life.

Here are 10 of my favorite resources whether you’re completely new to breaking free from diet culture, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking for some extra support! Check out these great books and podcasts from a variety of Dietitians and regular folks alike.

1. Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating

The OG – the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, FAND. Originally published in the 1990s, this is the most recently updated 4th edition of their book. This is the original deep dive into intuitive eating, covering all of the 10 principles and giving you in-depth strategies and examples to build intuitive eating into your life. This is the first book I always recommend as it is the basis of intuitive eating written by the founders themselves! Think of this as the foundational roots in your tree.

2. Intuitive Eating Workbook

intuitive eating

This workbook is by the same authors as the original IntuitiveEating book. This workbook is filled with more actionable steps to put the principles of IE in your life. Neatly organized by each principles, this workbook offers digestible lessons, journal prompts, and activities to help you apply each principle for LIFE. This pairs really well if you’re in nutrition counseling for IE as well, as fun ‘homework’ to do between sessions!

3. Anti-Diet

This book by Christy Harrison MPH, RD dives into the research and argument for why diets fail us – time and time again. Learn about weight stigma, diet culture, and the dark side of “wellness culture” in this thorough book.

4. Food Psych Podcast

By the same author/Dietitian as above, this podcast is a popular resource for discussions based upon weight-inclusivity, eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, and all things non-diet. Worth a listen!

5. Diet Starts Tomorrow Podcast

Another great podcast, but this one is different. I love this podcast and often recommend it to my clients as it features two 30-something adults living in NYC and navigating their own journeys with body image, chronic dieting, and intuitive eating. Interestingly enough, it started out as a podcast diving into different diets as they wanted to find the one that “worked”, but through the process, their eyes were opened to all the B.S. of diet culture, and ended up on their own journey of becoming intuitive eaters. Fun fact: they both are currently working with IE Dietitians, so it’s a great resource for those who want something relatable. They “get” the struggles!

6. Body Kindness

This book, by Registered Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield, is practical, inspirational, and positive. It shows you the way towards well-being free from the shackles of dieting by understanding how to love, connect, and care for yourself—in both mind and body.

7. Feel Good Flashcards 

These Feel Good Flashcards are the perfect affirmations and daily pep talk you need to feel good on your intuitive eating journey. Plus, they are beautiful too! Created by Registered Dietitian Lauren Cadillac. Keep them in your purse, at your desk, or on your bedside table for whenever you need a little inspiration on your IE journey.

8. Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

Fat isn’t the problem. Dieting is the problem. A society that rejects anyone whose body shape or size doesn’t match an impossible ideal is the problem. A medical establishment that equates “thin” with “healthy” is the problem. The solution? Health at Every Size. Take everything you learned about weight and health and throw it out the window. This book challenges the weight-centric health model and offers a refreshing approach to good health: joyful movement, enjoying a variety of foods, and not trying to intentionally lose weight like we’ve been told time and time again.

9. Gentle Nutrition

Intuitive eating does NOT ignore nutrition, and this book proves just that! Fellow anti-diet Dietitian Rachael Hartley simplifies nutrition and health and offers a gentle, practical, approachable way to engage in healthy habits and behaviors, free from diet rules and restrictions. Gentle Nutrition is one of hardest principles to understand at times, and this book does a great job of helping you understand what it’s all about. Plus, this book includes over 50 delicious recipes which can’t be beat!

10. The F*ck It Diet

Now I haven’t personally read this book, but I have heard amazing things about Caroline Dooner’s refreshing and hilarious approach to the negatives of dieting. An ex-dieter herself, she discusses how dieting never works, and what to do instead. A relatable, funny, and refreshing book for those that have struggled with dieting.

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